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Siding Installation and Replacement

Improve your home’s exterior with our certified siding installation services in Lexington.

Designed to withstand Kentucky’s diverse climate, our siding options offer both protection and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s vinyl, wood, or fiber cement, we ensure a seamless fit that enhances insulation and boosts curb appeal.

Legacy Renovations has over a decade of experience as a siding contractor, providing siding that’s durable, energy-efficient, and tailored to your home’s unique style.

Certified Siding Contractor in Lexington

Types of Siding Installation

Legacy Renovations provide multiple different types of siding materials, from installation to replacement.
  • Vinyl Siding

  • Fiber Cement Siding

  • Wood siding

  • Metal Siding

  • Stone Siding

Want to know more about a specific type of siding? Click on the material you’re interested in to learn more, or ask us!

House with vinyl siding representing the diverse materials offered by Legacy Renovations.
Lifetime Value Guaranteed

Legacy Renovations Guarantees Lifetime Value

James Hardie pioneered the fiber cement industry and continues to lead, ensuring you get the finest product when you opt to re-side.

Opting for fiber cement siding is cost-effective compared to wood. It’s resistant to pests, water damage, swelling, cracking, and buckling, offering you more value for your investment.

The non-combustible nature of fiber cement siding, along with its resistance to hail damage, can potentially lead to reductions in home insurance rates.

Every siding product from James Hardie is backed by a robust 30-year warranty, while their trim products boast a 15-year warranty.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Siding installation

    Got A Question? It might be here.

    What are signs I need new siding?

    Key indicators that you might need new siding include damaged or warped panels, noticeable fading, increased energy bills, or mold and mildew growth. If you're in Lexington and notice these signs, it's time to consult a siding expert.

    How long does vinyl siding last?

    Vinyl siding typically lasts between 20 to 40 years, depending on the quality of the material and maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspections can extend its lifespan.

    What is the best siding to put on a house?

    The "best" siding often depends on your specific needs and location. However, fiber cement siding is renowned for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to various weather conditions, making it a top choice for many homeowners.

    What's the most affordable siding?

    When considering cost-effectiveness, vinyl siding often stands out as the most affordable option. It offers a balance between cost, durability, and a range of design choices.

    What siding is better than vinyl?

    While vinyl is popular for its affordability, many consider fiber cement siding to be superior in terms of durability, longevity, and aesthetic versatility.

    What do I need to know before replacing siding?

    Before replacing siding, it's essential to understand the type of material that suits your home's needs, the overall costs involved, potential energy savings, and the installation process. Always consult with a trusted siding professional to make informed decisions.

    How many years should you replace siding?

    The need to replace siding depends on the material. For instance, vinyl siding can last 20-40 years, while fiber cement can last 50 years or more. Regular inspections can help determine when it's time for a replacement.

    Does vinyl siding break easily?

    Vinyl siding is designed to be durable, but it can be susceptible to cracks or breaks when exposed to severe impacts or extreme temperatures. However, with proper installation and maintenance, it can withstand typical weather conditions effectively.

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    Who Are Legacy Renovations?

    Hey there, we’re Legacy Renovations, right here in Lexington, Kentucky. Gracie, the owner, and her husband started this journey with a simple idea: to give folks like you an honest opinion, a fair shake on prices, and some darn good work. We’re not just about hammers and nails; we’re about heart. We’ve laughed with families over coffee, shared stories, and made sure every home we touch feels just right. From fixing up roofs and installing windows to sprucing up patios, we’ve got your back. So, if you’re looking for professionals with a friendly touch, who genuinely care about protecting your home, give us a shout. We’re here for you, Kentucky!

    Guaranteed Results

    Legacy Renovations believes in quality service, that's why Gracie and her husband strive to guarantee your renovations or repairs.

    Cost Effective

    Gracie and her husband work with your insurance to provide quality material and oversight, so you're getting the best service for the most cost-effective pricing possible.


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    We’ve been servicing our neighborhood here in Kentucky for the last two decades, making sure home owners are protected with a reliable roof for years to come, to renovating the siding, or the patio in the backyard, to make the yard of your dreams.

    Cherry Favis

    Resident in Kentucky

    This is the only business that was very honest with us. After 4 businesses came and promised us that they can fix it, only Legacy came back and did it professionally. Gracie is very professional as well as her husband. Their workers are knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend Legacy!

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    Lexington's trusted choice for top-notch roof repair and installation, ensuring homes withstand Kentucky's diverse weather with durability and style.


    Experience premium siding solutions in Lexington, enhancing home aesthetics while offering unmatched protection against Kentucky's elements

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